What we do

We promise top quality natural grass playing surfaces with the highest possible resource efficiency, through data driven grass growth technology and an intensive support system.

Greenkeeper checks his pitch data under the SGL LED440 grow lighting system.

How we do it

Every playing surface is different, every climate is different, and every budget is different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to grass growth technology and managing a playing surface. That’s why we first do thorough research, make custom calculations, and work together towards a solution that fits your goals and expectations. After that, we keep supporting you to help you get the most out of your resources and reach your goals every season.

Research & understanding

  • What do you want?
    Tell us your goals and expectations in terms of pitch quality and pitch usages, so we understand what you want to work towards.
  • Where are you now?
    Every sports venue is different, because of design, climate, sport, schedule and grass type, amongst other things. Therefore we do a quality assessment, situation review and light & climate analysis, to be able to make an accurate analysis of your situation.
  • What do you need?
    The situation analysis is used as input to make calculations on the requirements for your venue. We put our growth algorithm to work, which will show you the requirements of light and heat throughout the year. We involve our agronomists to interpret the data and advise you on the products that are needed to reach your target quality and event schedule, including frequency of use and required energy input.
An example of an SGL Light & Growth Analysis as shown on two monitors.

Implementation & support

  • Commissioning
    We install your SGL system and train you on how to use the system, both practically on the pitch as well as in conjunction with the SGL Portal, to ensure the most efficient use of the products. Therefore we also educate on data monitoring, interpretation and reporting, to enable the most data driven approach. In addition we’ll explain about product maintenance, to make sure they are in the best possible condition throughout their lifespan.
  • Support & advice
    We support you with data analyses and agronomical advice throughout the lifespan of the products, to help you reach your target quality and use resources most efficiently.
  • Maintenance
    Our trained service engineers are there for maintenance 
and repairs and ensure your system runs optimally at all times.
SGL's Area Manager Mark Wubben is operating the SGL SmartBox on the LED440 grow lighting system.

Why we do it

Nico van Vuuren, Founder of SGL

“Football has been my passion from the moment I could walk. Unfortunately, my talent was not recognised. Even though working in my father’s greenhouse was kind of forced upon me, horticulture soon became my second love. When I realised I was able to combine the two, it became my life goal. It has never been about building a profitable business, nor having hundreds of customers worldwide. It was, and still is, about enabling the world of sports to create a top quality grass playing surface in every stadium, no matter the conditions. About putting an end to muddy goal mouths and slipping players. About creating a stage on which players can showcase their talent. And that’s what drives us all: passion. For sports, for technology and for grass. It drives us to do better each and every day.”

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SGL founder and CEO Nico van Vuuren at the Phillips Stadium, home of PSV Eindhoven.