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The SGL LED440 on the pitch of Estadio BBVA, home of football club C.F. Monterrey.

LED grow lights

The state-of-the-art energy efficient LED grow lighting units allow the grounds staff to adjust light and heat radiation according to the grass’s needs. The data-driven and sensor-based control of the unit enables the grounds person to create the perfect conditions for high-quality grass growth, in the most sustainable manner, and ensures a safe and consistent playing surface all throughout the year.

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The SGL TurfPod collecting data from the pitch.

Data monitoring tools

Data monitoring technology is an integral part of pitch management.The TurfPod tracks all key pitch values both above and below ground. Through the accompanying Portal, the grounds manager has 24/7 access to the collected pitch data, empowering grounds teams to make data-driven decisions, deploy resources as efficiently as possible, and streamline pitch management maintenance. The PitchCam offers a 24/7 livestream of your playing surface. In combination with GrassFocus, the PitchCam conducts a daily quality scan of the playing surface to identify any irregularities.

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A greenkeeper walking with the SGL UVC180 which uses UVC light to protect grass by killing diseases.

Grass disease management products

Eco-friendly grass disease management equipment helps the grounds manager maintain a healthy and safe playing surface in a chemical-free, sustainable manner. It allows grounds teams to manage grass diseases without compromising on the quality of the plant and soil.

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HPS grow lights

Traditional HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) grow lighting systems radiate light and heat simultaneously, enhancing grass recovery after an intensive practice session, exciting game, or busy event. The use of HPS grow lighting technology is a reliable and globally proven way to grow grass in specific, challenging climatic conditions.

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Data driven pitch management

All SGL products are connected to the SGL Portal, to enable the most efficient use of resources. All data from the SGL monitoring tools is collected and displayed on the Portal 24/7. In the background growth algorithms continuously use the live data to make calculations, forecasts and analysis to interpret the data for the grounds staff and stadium managers. These insights help groundsmen to make pro-active decisions and react in the most effective way when required. Lighting systems can be controlled remotely from the Portal, which increases efficiency and decreases workload.

The Portal can be configured flexibly with data modules, based on your needs and requirements.

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