Easy to deploy HPS grow lighting system


  • Repair damaged areas
  • Increase player safety
  • Easy to operate
The SGL BU10 and LU440 grow lighting systems on the pitch of Portman Road Stadium, home of Ipswich Town FC.

Tune the microclimate

The BU10 is the most compact grow lighting unit within the product range, covering 10 m2 of playing surface. The HPS grow lighting unit is perfectly suited to treat small areas of the playing field, such as the corner areas, for quick grass recovery. The two lighting fixtures provide a high light level and radiate both light and heat to create the optimal growth conditions to promote grass growth when natural sunlight and heat are not sufficient. Because of its size and foldable legs, the BU10 is easy to deploy and store.

The SGL BU10 HPS grow light on a golf course.

Used by professional sports clubs worldwide

As the world’s first grow lighting system for sports playing surfaces, HPS technology has proven its quality. Because light and heat are simultaneously radiated by the fixture, the BU10 is best suited for those specific situations where the grass requires both extra light and warmth; when it’s cold and dark. With the BU10, the grounds team has extra assistance in carrying out restoration work on the grass. Stadiums worldwide, across various sports, benefit from proven HPS technology, using the BU10 to maintain a high-quality grass playing surface week in and week out.

The SGL BU10 HPS grow light on the pitch of RheinEnergieSTADION, home of 1. FC Köln.

Decades of success

Grow lighting units are often placed on sports fields outdoors, exposed to various weather conditions. Therefore, it’s crucial that they are reliable and durable. Our grow lighting unites are manufactured in-house, giving us complete control over the construction process and ensuring the features precisely meet the needs of grounds teams using the units. All our grow lighting units are made from high-quality materials, making them robust, requiring minimal maintenance, and providing a long lifespan. This allows grounds teams worldwide to use the BU10 for a long time and achieve the best results.

The SGL BU10 and LU440 grow lighting systems on the pitch Vicarage Road Stadium, home of Watford FC.
The SGL BU10 HPS grow light on the corner of the ADO Den Haag pitch.

BU10 specifications

Lighting footprint 10 square meters
Light level 250 μmol/m2/s
Dimensions L 2.2 m | W 1.8 m | H 1.6 m
Weight 32 kg
Number and type of HPS fixtures 2 x 1000 W 230 V
Type of electrical plug Standard AC power plug 10 A 230 V
Energy consumption 2.1 kWh