Data driven pitch management

SGL Portal

All SGL products are connected to the SGL Portal, to enable the highest possible grass quality and at the same time the most efficient use of resources.

Someone checks the pitch values on the SGL Portal with the SGL TurfPod on the background.

What is the SGL Portal?

It is the place where all data from SGL products comes together. From where products are controlled and where analysis and reports are made with growth algorithms run in the background. It is the tool to provide the information needed for the highest possible grass quality at the lowest possible costs.

Configure your Portal with data modules

The SGL Portal can be configured flexibly with data modules, based on your needs, requirements and budget. For every product, data modules can be added to elevate the level of usage and efficiency.

TurfPod Configurator
Live data (standard with TurfPod)
24/7 live data view of all data from SGL TurfPods to get continuous insights into the growing climate, with a two-week history to monitor changes.
Live data advanced
Get comprehensive insights into the growing conditions with: GPS positioning of your TurfPods on the pitch, a heatmap that shows differences across the pitch, unlimited data history to compare data over time and detect trends, add tasks and notes to increase the level of pitch management across the team, receive alerts and notifications when values are out of range and view an extensive weather forecast.
A livestream of the pitch, enabling grounds staff and management to see what is happening on the pitch at anytime.
An iPhone mockup showing important grass disease information in the SGL Portal.
Register visual pitch observations and include pictures, tasks and notes to create a comprehensive log of data that is not detectable by monitoring technology. The observation and picture log help you to detect trends throughout the years for specific areas of the pitch.
Our growth algorithm calculates the exact amount of light and heat that is required for the desired pitch quality for every area on the pitch. The transmission analysis shows the available natural light. This module also enables remote control of the units and live view of their positioning and status (if there is a SmartBox on the units).
Register many growth and performance parameters and compare over time, such as quality measurements, lighting hours, precipitation, fertiliser application. Lighting hours are registered automatically if you have lighting units with a SmartBox.
An iPhone mockup of the SGL Portal showing an energy report.
Resource insights
Get insights into the energy consumption of your complete lighting system and the energy costs (based on your electricity rates). The energy consumption is compared to pitch usages and pitch quality, to give an understanding of the reason behind a higher or lower lighting units usage than the year(s) before.
Advanced analysis
We convert raw data into advanced analysis to get the most comprehensive insights into the pitch conditions, such as: evapotranspiration, turfgrass stress, reference temperature, soil reference temperature, growing degree days and daily light integral.
TC/TF forecast
Based on the available data, we calculate exactly when the fan and the cooling system needs to be used in a 9-day advice. It’s shown in an hourly view for the coming 10 days.
Disease forecast
We calculate disease pressure in a 7-day forecast for many different diseases, based on the data of your sports venue to enable the grounds team to act proactive and prevent diseases. Based on the forecast, the right frequency and intensity of use of the UVC180 is advised. Also, cultural practices are advised and there is information available on the symptoms and treatment of each disease.  In case of high disease pressure, an alert is sent to make sure you can act in a timely manner.