Sustainability Incentive Programme

Together we are working hard to move towards a more sustainable industry. The Sustainability Incentive Programme is designed to reward customers using sustainable and data driven technology, and to provide a platform for sharing knowledge on the topic with groundsmen of all levels. This means that you are entitled to a discount on SGL Masterclass tickets if you use sustainable and data driven SGL technology, regardless of the number of products you have.

How does the programme work?

You are entitled to the discounts shown below, if you have at least one of the products:

TurfPods 10% discount
Grass Care 20% discount
LED units 30% discount
All three categories 70% discount


Where can I find my discount and how can I use it?

  • You can find your discount code in the Masterclass invitation in your mailbox.
  • During the registration process you can apply your discount code in step 4: Payment Summary.



  • Discounts add up
  • Number of products is irrelevant
  • Discount applies only to Masterclass 2024 tickets and does not apply to hotel costs
  • The discount is effective if you have purchased, rented, or are subscribed to SGL products that fall into one of the above categories. Trials are not included.
  • Discount is valid until, but no later than, 31 January 2024. After that the full ticket price applies.