LED grow lighting

  • Superior performance in all climates
  • Sustainable & cost efficient
  • Future-proof grow lighting technology
The SGL LED440 grow lights and TurfPod on the pitch of Estadi de la Ceràmica, home of Villarreal CF.

Grass grow lighting

Grass grow lights are an indispensable factor in pitch maintenance. In the absence of sufficient natural sunlight and warmth, grow lights stimulate photosynthesis in the grass plant. Photosynthesis is a crucial plant process that promotes growth and recovery. LED grass grow lighting technology is the latest innovation in grass surface management. It enables grounds teams from across the globe to achieve high-quality grass growth, and also meet sustainability goals.

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Control the microclimate

Balance between light and temperature is crucial for optimal growth and recovery. The independent control of light and heat within LED systems offers the ability to align the two variables precisely with the needs of the grass plant. This gives the grounds manager more control over the microclimate. In situations where there’s a lack of natural sunlight and additional light is needed, but temperatures are still high enough, the grounds manager uses the LED light only. A sensor continuously measures surface temperature below the unit. If it drops below the set target temperature, the system automatically applies the right amount of heat to create the optimal balance for top quality grass growth, no matter the climate.

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Maximise energy savings

By precisely aligning the radiation of light and heat with the needs of the grass plant, you not only optimise grass growth but also maximise energy efficiency. As soon as heat is not necessary, for instance during summer or in case of an enclosed stadium environment, you save up to 43% of energy. The sensor-based temperature control on the LED grow lighting units ensure that the infrared radiation only activates when the microclimate demands it. The independent control of light and heat allows the grounds manager to deploy the grow lighting unit as efficiently and effectively as possible both from an agronomical and sustainability standpoint, streamlining the use of resources and pitch management measures.

A grounds manager checking data on the SGL Portal with the SGL TurfPod in the background for efficient use of grass grow lighting technology.

Data-driven decision making

With the help of data, it is possible to achieve the highest grass quality at the lowest possible energy consumption and cost. Years of research have gone into optimising our growth algorithm and data modules on our Portal, to make this possible. We calculate the light and temperature requirements for the desired grass quality. Our algorithm determines where and how long you should deploy the grow lighting units and use its lighting and heating features for the optimal growth conditions. Based on 24/7 data from our monitoring tools, our lighting advice on the Portal is continuously updated. In addition, you can control your lighting systems remotely from the Portal. You will have the capability to monitor energy consumption, compare it with previous years, and correlate it with the quality and quantity of pitch usage. This functionality allows you to generate precise efficiency reports.

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Close up picture of the LED fixture on the LED50.

Optimised light spectrum

PAR light (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) spans the visible light portion of the full light spectrum grass plants can utilise in the process of photosynthesis. Grass plants use the colours of the spectrum in different ways and for various purposes. This means that some colours are more efficient for growth than others. Each colour of the light spectrum requires a different amount of energy to be produced.

LED grow lighting technology offers the possibility to create a ‘light recipe’. This means that a specific colour composition can be defined, allowing for the selection of colours and the ratio between them. This composition plays a crucial role in both root and shoot growth, as well as energy consumption. Since 2008, we have conducted LED research at our Research & Development Centre and at sports stadiums, resulting in the most effective and efficient light spectrum for high quality grass growth.

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The SGL LED440 is set via the advanced SmartBox.

State-of-the-art technology

Our products are designed in-house, allowing us to tailor them perfectly to meet the needs of the market. Our agronomy team and developers work closely together to keep improving and innovating our service and products, resulting in future-proof products that are both optimised for grass growth, as well as user friendliness, such as our LED units that utilise the latest LED grass grow lighting technology. The LED fixtures, infrared fixtures and smart control system are designed from scratch, based on over a decade of research, and utilise the highest light and heat uniformity to ensure superior performance and maximum energy efficiency. The state-of-the-art system guarantees the highest grass quality and optimal energy efficiency all year long.

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Agronomist Remco van Adrichem and Head Groundsman Simeon Liljenberg inspecting the Friends Arena pitch/

How we work

It is our goal to provide sports clubs from around the world with the tools, and knowledge needed to maintain a high-quality playing field all throughout the year. Through extensive support, we ensure that both quality and sustainability goals are met and that the SGL products continue to run smoothly. Your dedicated customer support team, consisting of an Area Manager, Agronomist, Operations Specialist and Service Engineer, will guide you through the process from environmental analysis to system installation, and offer structural advice and support for the entire duration of the product lifecycle.

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