Compact and easy to operate LED grow lighting system


  • Superior performance in all climates
  • Energy and cost efficient
  • State-of-the-art technology
The SGL LED50 recovers grass in target area.

Control the microclimate

Balance is key when it comes to high-quality grass growth. Light and heat must be present in the right quantity to stimulate photosynthesis, a plant process crucial for high-quality growth. The LED50 allows the grounds manager to control light and heat radiation independently. This feature ensures that the operator can precisely adjust light and heat, and thus the growth climate, according to the grass’s needs, creating the optimal microclimate. This results in high-quality grass growth and a quick recovery of the playing surface after a training session or match.

The LED50 covers a 50 square meter of playing surface. This enables the grounds team to treat a large area at once, shorten turnaround time, and maintain a consistent and safe playing surface all throughout the season.

The SGL LED50 on the pitch of the GMHBA Stadium, in Australia.

Efficient and effective grass grow lighting

The independent control of light and heat allows the grounds manager to create the optimal microclimate for high-quality grass growth in the most effective and efficient way possible. Because infrared only needs to be added when the temperature in the stadium is too low, the grounds manager can deploy the LED50 solely with light radiation during warm periods, and save energy. When the temperature allows for it and the LED50 is only used for lighting and not with infrared, 40% energy saving can be achieved.

Additionally, the LED50 utilises the most effective and energy-efficient light spectrum available, consisting of 95% red and 5% blue. The colours in this light spectrum are tuned to stimulate high-quality root and shoot growth as effectively and energy-efficient as possible.

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The SGL LED50 on the pitch of Hampden Park, in Scotland.

Smart and sustainable grow lighting

The LED50 utilises the latest grow lighting technology available and is constructed in-house from high-quality materials. The LED armatures, IR fixtures and smart control system are designed from scratch and based on more than a decade of research to ensure unrivalled light and heat uniformity and superior performance in every climate, making the LED50 a futureproof grow lighting solution. The smart control system ensures that the unit is deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible, empowering data-driven pitch management measures and careful use of valuable time and resources.

The data-driven use of the LED50 grow lighting unit not only results in high-quality grass growth in the most energy-efficient way possible but also contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and the transition towards a more sustainable industry.

Nine SGL LED50 grow lights on the pitch of Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla, home of Cádiz CF.

Data driven technology

The SGL Portal is the online management tool for all SGL products. It is where all data of the products and monitoring tools is displayed, as well as where data calculations and analyses are done in the background, to provide grounds managers with the information to make proactive decisions. All SGL LED systems can be remote controlled through the Portal. Also, lighting and heating hours are automatically logged onto the Portal, to get insights into energy consumption and compared with previous time periods. In addition, a custom lighting advice, based on weather data and light transmission to the pitch, will show where to position the lights and for how long, in order to generate the required growth and reach the target quality. The advice is continuously updated based on quality ratings and usage hours. This means that, when an extra training or event is added to the schedule, this is taken into account within the automated calculation and the lighting advice is adjusted.

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The SGL LED50 by night on the pitch of the AFAS Stadion, home of AZ Alkmaar.

LED50 specifications

Lighting footprint 50 square meters
Light level 345 μmol/m²/s
Dimensions L 9 m | W 1.9 m | H 2 m
Weight 395 kg
Number and type of LED fixtures 9x SGL LED1 / 8x SGL IR PitchPro
Amperage per plug 19.5 A
Voltage 400 V
Type of electrical plug 32 A Mennekes PowerTop Plus 3853 (3P+N+E)