Sustainable grass disease management

  • Prevent grass disease outbreaks
  • Keep your playing surface healthy
  • Utilise climate-friendly technology
The SGL UVC180 treats grass playing surfaces with UV-C light to kill fungi before it can harm the grass plant.

Grass disease management products

Nothing keeps a grounds manager up at night like a grass disease outbreak. Fortunately, there are sustainable ways to prevent and treat the spread of a grass disease without harming the grass plant itself. By controlling the microclimate inside the stadium, the grounds manager can reduce the likelihood of plant stress and, consequently, a grass disease outbreak. Our grass disease management products prevent turfgrass diseases and stress in a sustainable way, to keep your playing surface healthy and safe.

Data-driven technology

Based on detailed disease forecasts, we calculate future disease pressure and provide precise advice on the use of your SGL grass disease management products. A 7-day disease forecast shows you which diseases are likely to occur. By closely monitoring the disease pressure, we can determine when, how often, and with wat settings you should deploy your products in order to prevent a grass disease outbreak in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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