Optimised climate control

Turf Fan & Cooling

  • Increase air circulation
  • Prevent heat stress
  • Decrease risk of turfgrass diseases
The SGL TC50 on the pitch of the Opus Arena in Osijek, Croatia.

Improve micro climate

Often in sport venues, there is a lack of air circulation. This results in unfavourable conditions for growing turfgrass, amongst which a higher disease pressure and risk of diseases. This turf fan can be extended with a cooling option, to lower temperatures during the high temperatures in order to prevent plant stress and grass diseases. With the turf fan you control the air circulation and cooling seperately or combined to create perfect pitch circumstances.

The SGL TC50 blows a spray of water across the pitch of the BBVA Stadium, home of C.F. Monterrey.

Adiabatic cooling

When using the cooling on the turf fan, it cools the surface through the principle of adiabatic cooling, also known as evaporative cooling. It is a method of cooling air through the evaporation of water. The Turf Cooling system sprays a consistent stream of mist which is being carried 50 meters across the surface by the fan. The mist abstract the heat energy from the air above the surface, making the mist evaporate before it touches the grass. This results in a cool and dry playing surface. This cooling process can lower the temperatures with an average of 7-8 degrees Celsius, depending on the outside temperatures and natural wind.

The SGL TC50 cooling down the pitch of Bucharest National Stadium.

Data driven technology

The SGL Portal is the online management tool for all SGL products. It is where all data of the products and monitoring tools is displayed, as well as where data calculations and analyses are done in the background, to provide grounds managers with the information to make proactive decisions. On the Portal, you’ll find a 9-day advice for when the fan and when the cooling mechanism is recommended to be used. When and how often to use the cooling mechanism of the TC50 depends, amongst others, on the air temperature and the humidity. The Cooling Advice is calculated by the turfgrass stress algorithm. The algorithm determines the predicted heat stress for your playing surface, based on local weather forecasts and data from the TurfPod. This will give you specific insight on when and how long it is recommended to use the cooling mechanism.

Learn more about the SGL Portal
The SGL TC50 along the pitch of the Reale Arena, home of Real Sociedad.

TC50 specifications

Machine dimensions L 1.55 m x W 1.6 m x H 2.25 m
Machine dimensions incl. wheel set L 2.35 m x W 2.08 m x H 2.38 m
Weight 570 kg
Horizontal rotation 270 degrees
Throwing distance 50 meters
Water pressure and consumption 20 Bar, approx. 270 L/h
kW consumption fan / boosterpump / oscillator 7.5 kW / 3 kW / 0.09 kW
Water connection 1’’ BSP male
Electrical plug 63 A (3P+N+E) 400V