"With UVC180
snow mold is easy to handle"

VfL Wolfsburg’s Head Groundsman, Peter Sauer, hasn’t used chemicals in 4 years.

SGL's UVC180 sustainable disease technology on the Wolfsburg pitch.

The chance of snow mold is very likely to occur this time of year in countries across the Nothern Hemisphere. It’s crucial to act in time to prevent a potential fungus outbreak on your turfgrass surface. Preventing diseases is challenging. Therefore, we have developed a disease forecast which calculates the chance of disease outbreak of many different diseases on your ground. The Disease Forecast also calculates the right intensity and frequency of UVC180 treatment. The UVC180 has been specially developed to keep sports grass healthy, by breaking down the DNA of plant fungal diseases with UVC radiation treatment.

Peter Sauer, Head Groundsman at VfL Wolfsburg, has been using the UVC180 and Disease forecast for a few years now and is very pleased with the results: “We haven’t sprayed for snow mold in 4 years now. Whenever we see some spots on the grass, we use the UVC180 three or four days in a row and then it’s gone. When you use chemicals, you will not only disturb the bad organisms but also helpful organisms in your soil. The UVC180 only kills the bad and leaves the good alone.”

Ultraviolet (UV) is a series of light frequencies, invisible to the human eye, which occurs naturally in solar radiation. There are three spectrums: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC has the shortest wavelengths (between 200 and 280 nm) and is completely absorbed into the atmosphere, so it does not reach the surface of the earth. Because of its short wavelength, and therefore high energy, UVC is able to penetrate the cell walls and disrupt the DNA of micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.