Data monitoring

  • 24/7 access to key turfgrass values
  • Make objective and pro-active decisions
  • Use resources as efficiently as possible
The SGL TurfPod on the pitch of Hampden Park, with the LED440 grow lighting system in the background.

Data monitoring tools

Data monitoring tools are indispensable in the toolkit of the modern grounds manager. They provide the grounds manager with objective insights and can be used to verify a gut feeling. Our data monitoring tools are easy to use, and with the help of the SGL Portal, you can see all the key grass values comprehensively on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Make data-driven decisions, stay one step ahead of the conditions, and streamline the use of your resources to achieve the highest results in the most efficient way possible.

The Portal

The SGL Portal serves as the management dashboard displaying all data collected by the TurfPod, enabling the grounds manager to access pitch data 24/7 via a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. It provides a comprehensive overview of the microclimate inside the stadium or on the training ground, empowering you to make objective and proactive, data-driven decisions about your daily pitch maintenance.

In the background, many calculations convert the raw data into applicable analyses and advice on necessary pitch management measures, alerts you when there’s a risk of a grass disease outbreak, and helps you deploy your resources as efficiently as possible. The Portal enables the grounds maanger to make objective and well-considered decisions.

Learn more about the SGL Portal