Live monitoring 

  • 24/7 livestram
  • Daily quality scan
  • Revealing irregularities
SGL PitchCam to monitor the stadium pitch
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24 x 7 live view

The PitchCam offers you a 24/7 livestream of your playing surface. By adding the GrassFocus, a daily quality scan of the entire surface is done to show you irregularities before visible to the human eye.

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Everything in once place

A livestream of your PitchCam is displayed on your SGL Portal; the place where all your SGL monitoring tools and data comes together. This way, you have full control over your playing surface.

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SGL Portal

The SGL Portal serves as the dashboard displaying all data collected by SGL monitoring tools and products, enabling the grounds manager to access pitch data 24/7 via a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. It provides a comprehensive overview of the stadium environment or on the training ground, empowering you to make objective and proactive, data-driven decisions about your daily pitch maintenance. The Portal offers advice on necessary pitch management measures, alerts you when there’s a risk of a grass disease outbreak, and helps you deploy your resources as efficiently as possible. It can transform raw pitch data into valuable quality advice and is the all-in-one monitoring tool to review your data and manage your SGL products. It can be set up completely flexibly with data modules that are relevant to you.

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