Next level data monitoring


  • Complete insights at all times
  • Make objective & pro-active decisions
  • Increase resource efficiency
The SGL TurfPod collects valuable growth data on the pitch.
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Microclimate analysis

The SGL TurfPod tracks six essential growth factors of your playing surface, both soil and surface conditions, to give you detailed insight into the microclimate. This enables you to make objective decisions about your maintenance to get your playing surface in top quality before every game. The TurfPod measures both above surface and below surface growth factors, to give a very accurate insight into the microclimate: air temperature, soil temperature, PAR light, salinity, humidity and soil moisture.

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Full control anytime, anywhere

The continuous TurfPod data stream to the SGL Portal enables you to have detailed insights into the microclimate of your playing surface and have 24/7 control anytime, anywhere. It ensures you can act in a timely matter to the ever changing conditions and make objective and justifiable decisions in regards to maintenance. Based on the data provided, you can optimise your resource efficiency and only use the required resources in the most efficient way, such as water and nutrients. This helps you to reduce waste, costs and minimize your ecogolical footprint.

Maximum flexibility

No large investments are needed, because you lease TurfPods with hardware, software, service and replacements included in a monthly subscription. Data modules can be added whenever you please, to customise your TurfPod based on your requirements and budget.

| Subscription from €54,- a month

Take pitch management to the next level

With multiple TurfPods you are able to get a detailed overview of the microclimate on your playing surface. You can analyse the differences across the surface and act accordingly. You are able to monitor an unlimited number of surfaces. This means you can oversee the conditions of all playing surfaces of your sports facilities.

Data driven technology

The SGL Portal is the management tool for data driven pitch management. It is the place where all data from SGL products come together, from which products can be controlled and where analysis and reports are made with growth algorithms run in the background to make analysis and forecasts. It is the tool to provide the information needed for the highest possible grass quality at the lowest possible costs. These services offer you the extra data and information you need to:

  • Optimise usage of other SGL products
  • Make objective and proactive decisions
  • Maximise product performance
  • Keep costs low
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Revolutionary technology

With 4G data transfer and GPS, all data is tranfered 24/7 to your online SGL Portal. You know exactly where and when there are problem areas on your playing that need attention. Wireless and cloud based, fully IoT integrated.

SGL TurfPod

TurfPod specifications

Communication 4G LTE
Auto location GPS
Display 8-LED multi-status display
Dimensions 189mm (H) x 87mm (Dia) x 119mm (H) body height above the grass when installed
Interface Single button interface
Weight 320 gram
Battery life 60 days
Data sampling 5 minutes

What our customers think about the TurfPod

Jim Buttar, Head Groundsman at Twickenham Stadium

We needed a monitoring tool to help us get a better understanding of the microclimate. Using the TurfPod recently resulted in a change in our irrigation plan for some parts of the pitch, after we discovered a difference in soil moisture. The data we receive is very valuable to see even the smallest change in growth factors, which can have a big impact on the pitch at the end.

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The SGL TurfPod on the Twickenham pitch with in the background the LU440 grow lighting system.