SC Paderborn 07: fuelling sporting and sustainable ambitions with LED

Paderborn and its district in North Rhine-Westfalen are characterised by various historical and cultural influences. One of these is sport – football to be precise – and the city’s love for its favourite club. SC Paderborn 07 is a club with high sporting ambitions, but also aims to have a serious impact on (local) sustainable development.

SC Paderborn 07 - LED50 - pitch

Professionalisation of turf care management and investment in LED technology

Paderborn wants to make an active contribution to protecting the environment and confirm its status as a (local) pioneer in the field of sustainability. The club therefore decided to invest in an efficient LED pitch lighting system. In order to confirm its status in German professional football, the club also wants to further professionalise the maintenance of its pitch. A major challenge is that the field is used for frequent play, which leads to more actual damage than on a hybrid pitch. The club’s management therefore decided to invest in three LED50 lighting units for optimised pitch maintenance of its pitch and management in order to improve the quality of the pitch and treat the high-traffic areas effectively.

The club noticed a profound effect on the turf, with better overall quality, root growth and surface density. The latter also has a positive effect on the stability of the players. Another major advantage of LED lighting technology for turf maintenance is the ability to switch on light and heat separately. This allows the greenkeeper to react more precisely to changing weather conditions and has more control over the growing conditions. Depending on what the situation requires, the greenkeeper can add extra light and/or heat to create an optimal microclimate. By perfectly adjusting the heat and light radiation to the needs of the turf, the greenkeeper team can achieve high-quality grass growth in a short period of time, and as energy-efficiently as possible.


Setting ambitious (local) sustainability goals

The club not only focuses on football, but also has set ambitious sustainability goals for itself: it combines local activities with consistent reporting on CO2 emissions and offers practical steps to increase its effort in the future. In addition, sustainable action is firmly anchored in Paderborn’s mission statement and holistically integrated into the organisations’ long-term vision.

By winning the CSR award in the professional club category from the Regional Network for Sustainability Strategies Award (DNP), the club’s efforts have now also been recognised externally. With the decision in favour of LED technology, SC Paderborn 07 is ideally equipped to position itself as a serious competitor in the 2nd Bundesliga and to take responsibility for sustainable development in professional football.