From Munich to

Mister Jürgen Muth, CEO at Allianz Arena, visits SGL headquarters.

Jürgen Muth, Stadium Director Allianz Arena, visiting the SGL Research & Innovation Centre in Waddinxveen.

From Munich to Waddinxveen

It’s always nice meeting up with one of our partners at our own SGL headquarters in Waddinxveen. This time we had the pleasure of showing mister Muth around our Research & Innovation Centre and the Porta Nova rose greenhouse. After extensive testing, developing, validating and discussing the test results with Mister Muth mostly virtually, a collaboration with Allianz Arena originated in the strive for sustainable pitch management. Subsequently, it was time for him to experience our facilities first-hand.


“SGL has been a partner of us for many years. Since the start of the partnership, back in 2008, we have gained great confidence in SGL. They have always tested new technologies with us at Allianz Arena. This summer we will take the next step and fully switch to a complete LED-system for our grass lighting. For me it’s simply to confirm and experience in real life what we already know: the professional way in which SGL approaches pitch management and the high standards of the facilities.”

Originated in rose greenhouse Porta Nova, just 2 minutes from SGL headquarters, founder Nico van Vuuren took his horticulture expertise and projected it on the world of sports; grass pitch management to be more precise. For visitors it’s always impressive to see where it all started and how technologically advanced Dutch horticulture is; especially in the field of sustainability. Definitely worth the two minute walk. The SGL Research & Innovation Centre is where all of the testing takes place. It’s where our agronomy team and product developers work closely together to keep improving and innovating our products.

“The Research & Innovation Centre was very interesting for me to see, because it showed that many different variables can be regulated. Different weather conditions for instance and infrared and light can be altered to simulate certain specific situations.”

Sustainable pitch management

All this testing has resulted in the best pitch maintenance products and growth algorithms. But switching to LED is also interesting from an energy saving and sustainability point of view; a topic on top of the Allianz Arena agenda. After successfully working with the SGL LED200 units, it was time for Allianz Arena to take it to the next level.

“In the end it’s our goal to improve on sustainability with LED-technology and since the energy prices have increased recently, and will continue to rise in the coming years, we’ll also be able to save on energy. We can definitely achieve energy savings with this new technique. We can specifically regulate and deploy the warmth during the winter and turn off the heating during summer. For us it’s also important to monitor data, together with SGL. That way we can discuss on the frequency and areas to use the LED lighting technology in the best possible and most efficient way, getting the most out of our LED units. We expect that LED-lighting will have a big advantage. We’ve already been able to test the LED-technology and it has worked very well. The last years we worked with SGL LED200 units. That was the start and now we’re ready to switch completely to LED.”

In the meantime, we’ll keep developing and improving in our Research & Innovation Centre.