The TurfPod will assist the groundskeepers with valuable data

Leicester City golf course
delighted with TurfPod

Leicester City will use the TurfPod on their private golf course to collect valuable data.

Billy Hayes, Golf Course Manager of Leicester City with TurfPod from SGL

Leicester City golf course is one of the two lucky winners of the six month TurfPod trial. We have handed over the TurfPod to Billy Hayes, Golf Course Manager of Leicester City, who is curious about the data he can obtain now.

“I am delighted that we are one of the winners. The Turfpod will be straight into action across our golf course. Our maintenance programme will benefit a lot from the data; now it is a lot easier to monitor daily operations to improve grass growth and playability. The advance technology would help me promote surfaces moving forward in the future”

The golf course is part of the new world class training ground of Leicester City FC. Built on the site of the former Park Hill Golf Club, they have decided to retain 9 of the 18 original holes. Players en staff members can use the private golf course in their spare time.

“The TurfPod amazes me with its simple multiple integrated sensors. To have access through my phone and receive information 24/7 about the growth conditions of the course, enables me and the team to respond better to changes. Thanks to the GPS technology we can determine the exact location of the TurfPod, which is very useful on the large surface of a golf course. The SGL TurfPod will be used by all of my team, which will help all staff develop experiences and skills moving forward within our sports turf industry.”

For the next six months Billy and his team will use the TurfPod and experience the benefits of 24/7 grass monitoring. We will keep you updated about their experiences during the course of the trial.